Exporting to ILikeMusic

NOTE: HarvestMedia currently only offers integration with ILikeMusic to catalogues which are not already stored on ILikeMusic.

You can sign up for HarvestMedia to be your content integration system for ILikeMusic for a small monthly fee.

This is an always open connection, so your new content will automatically be sent to ILikeMusic.

Please contact HarvestMedia support for more information.




For clients who have set up ILM as an export with HarvestMedia, please follow these instructions for delivering content:

  1. Go to Distribute > Agents
  2. Select the Library from the drop down menu.
  3. Click on the number under Albums Pending next to ILM
  4. In the pop-up window, choose Select All or individually select albums using the check-boxes.
  5. Then hit Distribute.
  6. When the distribution process is complete, the number under Albums Available will read the number of albums that were selected for distribution.


  • If you are distributing all the albums in a larger library, it may take time to appear in your distributor's account.
  • ILM will only be visible in the list once HM have completed the integration process for your account with ILM
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