Using Get Originator Data (bulk update data)

Original Publishers may require you to update your copy of an album or tracks with in an album.

Important: For those who have made edits to their copy of the metadata, you may want to download the data in order to keep a backup of your edits. Choosing to Get Originator Data will overwrite any changes you have made.

A) In order to receive the updates, check that you have the appropriate fields turned on your account:

  1. Go to Account Settings > Advanced Metadata > Field Settings
  2. Expand any of the Code and Attribute sections and switch on any fields you which to display in the Label, Album and Track fields.

    For received content: By switching these to Active you will have access to these fields from your original publisher's data if they also have turned on Agent access to ON in their account.

    For originated content in your account: you will be able to provide your agents with access to these fields. Any active fields will be included in downloaded metadata.

  3. Click the X close button at the top of the modal to save your changes.

B) To update data from your Original Publishers:

  1. Navigate to an album from Music > All Music
  2. Click the edit icon.
    For track edits only, click the album name to view the tracks. Then click the edit icon at track level.

  3. In edit album and track level, click the 'Get Originator Data' button 'Update'.

  4. On the next screen, select the fields you wish to Copy Data and finalise the overwrite.

  5. A success message will appear when complete. Click Go back to return to the track.

    From the album view or track view, you can review any changes or make any further changes.

Note: to receive updates from the original publisher on Album or Label level, use the same steps.
Using the Label level Get Originator process will allow you to update data across label, album and track level.


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