Using the Metadata Validator

You can check your metadata for compliance before you ingest your content using the Ingestion Tool:

  1. Save your metadata file as a Text Tab Delimited file.

  2. Login to the Harvest Media Ingestion Tool using your Harvest Media username and password.

  3. Click the Metadata Validator tab. Hit Browse.

  4. Locate your .TXT tab delimited file and click Select Path.

  5. Hit Validate.

  6. If your file has errors, these errors will be listed in the status box. Correct the errors and repeat steps 4-6 until it is validating correctly.
    If your file is validating correctly, the box will show 'File is valid.'

  7. If your metadata file is not in a folder with the tracks for that album, the following error will appear:

    This means that the metadata is acceptable, but the content is not in the same folder. Once your metadata is in your album folder, this error will not appear and your metadata will be validated without issues.

    If your metadata is in the folder and this error appears, your 'Filename' column does not contain the exact names of the files as they appear in the folder and ensure no filenames have commas.

There are many common mistakes which occur when first validating your metadata. A list of these errors and how to fix them can be found at Common Metadata Errors. 


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