Adding Individual Tracks to an Album

The advance import function allow you to bulk add tracks as well as update data.



  1. Go to Music > All Music and download metadata for the album:

    Please note that as of July 2016, the below import process will no longer support the legacy format.


  2. Save the file as a new version in .csv UTF-8 format.

    Important: Saving without updating the format type will cause your file to merge all columns into one. This will result in not being able to import your updated file and make any further changes.

  3. Edit the data using a spreadsheet editor. Add new track data below the last exist track even if the track number order has changed.
    • Most "ALBUM:" fields can be copied to the new rows.
    • Leave "TRACK:Identity" blank as this will be generated from the system.

      Note: the date format should be in yyyy-mm-dd. When using Microsoft Excel, the format tends to be overwritten with the programs default. Please ensure this is updated before importing the file.

      When adding CATEGORY data, make sure you have added the parent category via Music > Categories in the admin.

  4. Now head to Advanced Import and select upload

  5. In the pop-up, choose files to upload your metadata file

  6. A progress bar will appear and confirm when you uploads are complete


  7. The file will be validated once uploaded
  8. If invalid, use the drop down arrow to view the errors



  9. For uploads that contain new tracks, if there are issues with the new tracks, the data will return as invalid as well as against the specific track. View the errors by clicking invalid


  10. For uploads that pass validation containing new tracks, the data file will return as missing audio files. Expand the drop-down and view the missing tracks.


  11. Upload new tracks by clicking 'upload' within the track list panel
  12. Choose the wav file to upload. Ensure that the filenames of the audio match that of the  data file
  13. The data file will now valid and ready to upload into the system.
    NB: new tracks will be marked as processing with a musical note



Finally, check the albums once all updates have been processed.



  • Headers must be in the correct order as per export
  • When adding CATEGORY data, make sure you have added the parent category via Music > Categories in the admin.
  • Date format is yyyy-mm-dd


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