Managing Alternate Versions

Once ingested, you can set up Main and Alternate Version relationships within  your albums by following these steps:

Add or update saved Versions

Completing this step will allow you to setup specific versions that may be unique to your metadata. For example, you may prefer to use 'Full' instead of 'Main' as the word for main tracks.

  1. Go to Account Settings > Advanced Metadata > Track Versions

  2. Add or edit an version

    If you wish to change the name of the main version, lease edit the existing entry for 'Main'.


Creating main/alt track relationships

  1. Go to Music > All Music

  2. Click on the Library you wish to work on and to expand the list of albums.

  3. Click on the Album you wish to create relationships for and view the tracks in the Tracks tab.

  4. Click the Edit Alternate Versions button next to the track you wish to manage OR use the Manage Version button to apply relationships to the entire album.

    ImportantManage Version uses the track name to create the relationship, not the version data. In cases where track names include versions in the title, it is recommended that the version relationships are created using the Edit Alternate Versions option.

  5. When using Edit Alternate Versions, select all Recommended tracks by clicking the check box, or select individual tracks by clicking their check boxes.

  6. Check that the Alternate Version labels are correct, and select a different one if incorrect.

  7. Click Save.

FOR SG2/Custom clients only:

For details on monitoring your Main/Alt relationships, please see the Management User Guides for SG2 players at Version Exception Summary.


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