Issues logging in to the Ingestion Tool

Occasionally, you may encounter an issue logging in to the Ingestion Tool. We request that you try these few easy steps.

If your problem persists, please email In your email, please include the username and password you are using to login, and your computer details (PC or Mac, and operating system).

  1. Check to see you have the latest version of the ingestion tool installed. Instructions for updating your ingestion tool can be found here.

  2. Check to see you have the latest version of JAVA installed. This is particularly important for Mac users. We recommend uninstalling your existing version of Java, and reinstalling the newest version. The newest version can be found here

  3. Check that you are entering your details correctly. Often passwords are issued with numerals in the place of letters.

  4. If you have a firewall, please add the following exception:

If you have followed all these steps, and are still unable to login, please email with your login details and the error you are experiencing.

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