Adding or Editing Featured Playlists

There are multiple ways to add or edit Featured Playlists.

To add a Featured Playlist:

  1. Go to Engage

  2. Select Featured Playlist tab

  3. If you wish to add a new playlist, click the add icon

  4. If you wish to edit an existing playlist, click the edit icon next to the playlist.

  5. Complete the fields to add or edit the playlist and click Save.
    Ensure the status is set to Active if you want your playlist to be visible.

Adding tracks to a Featured Playlist:

  1. Search the Library and Album with the tracks for the new playlist,
  2. Drag either the album or track into the new playlist.

  3. Checking the tracks in an existing playlist is as easy as selecting that playlist from the right and double clicking. 

  4. Delete tracks from the playlist by clicking the  icon next to the track.

  5. Rearrange tracks in a playlist by clicking the  icon on the top of the playlist field, after selecting the playlist.

You can also make playlists in the My Playlists tab, and:

  1. Copy the playlist into Featured Playlists by clicking the  icon after selecting the playlist (and vice-versa)

  2. Share the playlist with other users by clicking the  icon.
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