Adding Libraries & Folder Structure

Before you begin ingesting content into a new catalogue, you need to add the library in Management and ensure your folder structure is correct:

  1. Go to Music > All Music
  2. Click Add or Add Label

  3. Enter the Name of the Library.

  4. If you have a Search Gen Player with Harvest Media, set the Status to active.

  5. Click Save


Folder structure

  1. Set up folder structure on your computer as per the User Guide.

    For example:

    1. Library name
        a. Album name
            i. Track name.wav
            ii. Track name.wav
            iii. Track name.wav


            iv. Metadata.txt (or any filename as long as it is a tab delimited and ends in .txt)
            v. Albumart.jpg (or any filename as long as it is ends in .jpg)

Once you have set up the above, you can start ingesting your catalogue by following the detailed steps outlined in the User Guide.

You can then move on to adding your agents and distributing to them.

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