Ingestion Manager

When an ingestion has begun processing, it will be listed under the Notification panel in the admin.




You will also have an option for additional reporting on your ingestions.

To track your ingestion and check for any issues, Go to Music > Ingestion Manager. Any current ingestions will load by default.

Using the search options on the left hand side, you can also check the status of previous ingestions.


Ingestion Status

The album is being processed.

Action Required:
It is likely our encoder can’t read the file well enough to be able to create other formats from it, or read the file’s properties such as sample rate. To resolve, we recommend remastering the files in the rejected albums. Select all the .WAV files and artwork for the unsuccessful and upload the files.

NOTE: If you have uploaded an album twice that has a status of 'Action Required' you can remove the album by selecting Reject Album

The album has been ingested successfully and is appearing in the designated Label folder under Music > All Music.

Note:  If you have uploaded an album twice that has a status of 'Completed' you can remove the album by locating it in All Music and selecting archive/withdraw icon: ingesiton-manager_02.jpg

User has selected to remove the album from completing the ingestion process.

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