Category Solution

We can set up mappings between track metadata and categories, so that track/category associations are:

  • Automatically created when new tracks are ingested or received from original publishers.
  • Automatically adjusted when track metadata is changed
  • Automatically adjusted when category trees structure is changed


Mappings can be connected on the following track fields:

  • track.genre
  • track.keywords
  • track.tempo
  • track.instrumentation


You can define each category to map with any combination of the above track fields:
i.e. The "INSTRUMENTATION" category can map to track.keywords and track.instrumentation


Each item in the category tree has keywords:
i.e. The "INSTRUMENTATION >> BASS >> DOUBLE BASS" category has the keywords "acoustic bass, bass acoustic, double base, electric bass, upright bass, electric bass guitar" 


When the system finds a match between the mapped track fields and the category keywords, an association is made

ie: track.instrumentation has the term "electric bass" that matches one of the category INSTRUMENTATION >> BASS >> DOUBLE BASS" keywords "acoustic bass, bass acoustic, double base, electric bass, upright bass, electric bass guitar" 

Keywords groups are also used in this process improve the matches and reduce the required category tree keywords needed.





Note: you cannot edit track/category associations manually when mappings are enabled for a category. To adjust a track/category association, you need to update the track metadata and/or the category keywords.


To get started you will need to

  1. Define your category tree 
  2. Add keywords for each of the category tree branch ends
  3. Review keyword groups


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