Bulk Manage Versions in Import Tool

Under All Music > select your desired album and download the Metadata

Open the .CSV file and in column:

  •  Q (TRACK: Is Main) add a 'Y' to only main track
  •  S (TRACK: Version) add the version name

NOTE: if you have opened the .csv file on a mac, check the column A (library) has no strange symbols. Also select column J (ALBUM: Release Date), right click > format cells > date > 2001-03-14

Save file 


Back in the admin > open Import and upload the newly saved metadata file

Select the Validate tab > select CSV document > press validate. Once the document is ready to import, a tick will appear under status > you are now ready to comm


Once committed the file will be cleared from your work space. Go back to All Music and check that the versions have been updated. All the albums selected as 'Main" will have a tick on the right hand side of them




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