Shared Playlist


GetSharedPlaylist returns a playlist shared from another member or from the ADMIN engage page.


GET /getsharedplaylistwithmembertoken/{memberToken}/{playlistID}

Parameter Type Status
MemberToken String Mandatory
PlaylistID String Mandatory


Successful Response:

<playlist name="tunesat" id="6000000008cc" description="" createddate="2017-08-16 17:50:19" trackcount="2" hasimage="false" allowdownload="true">
<track tracknumber="001" time="03:17" lengthseconds="197" composer="Lonesome Tom" publisher="Ninja Tune Production Music" name="New Life" albumid="195000000000008" id="d30000000005d0" keywords="Atmosphere; Orchestral; Accomplishment; BRIGHT; Dawn; Dreamy; Emotional; Female Choir; Heartfelt; Inspirational; POSITIVE; Pride; Proud; Spring; Success; Sun; Wonder; Youthful; Choir; Percussion; Piano; Strings; Synths; Woodwind; Achievement; Corporate; Documentary; Family" lyrics="" displaytitle="New Life" genre="Atmosphere, Orchestral" tempo="Slow" instrumentation="Piano, Choir, Strings, Percussion, Woodwind, Synths" bpm="100" mixout="" frequency="0" bitrate="0" version="Main" cdcode="" alternatecount="4">


Error Response:

<description>Invalid Token</description>


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