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<name>Playlist: Music Inspired By 'Black Mirror'</name>
<publishdate>2017-02-11 04:47:04</publishdate>
<html><![CDATA[<p>We love&nbsp;<em><strong>Black Mirror</strong></em>, so when six new episodes appeared on Netflix last month, we kissed goodbye to our weekend plans and settled in for a viewing binge. Like most people, were blown away - that was some seriously intelligent, well-made and powerful televison.&nbsp;</p>]]></html>
<imagefilename> Mirror.jpg</imagefilename>
<description />
<date>2016-11-16 00:00:00</date>
<relatedtracks />
<album featured="false" releasedate="2012-03-01 00:00:00" code="TSH 040" name="Science Of Uncertainty" displaytitle="TSH 040 Science Of Uncertainty" id="81f3d42eebf0e316" status="active" trackcount="0" lastupdated="2016-05-11 22:10:27">
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<album featured="false" releasedate="2013-03-01 00:00:00" code="FEM 015" name="Zeitgeist" displaytitle="FEM 015 Zeitgeist" id="4589d77e9382c666" status="active" trackcount="0" lastupdated="2015-12-18 09:56:02">
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<album featured="false" releasedate="2014-08-01 00:00:00" code="WOM 352" name="Cinematic Indie Drama" displaytitle="WOM 352 Cinematic Indie Drama" id="6d8087e3f2601b27" status="active" trackcount="0" lastupdated="2015-01-10 08:37:34">
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<metakeywords>Black Mirror, Charlie Brooker, Netflix, Music Inspired By,</metakeywords>
<metadescription>Music Inspired By Black Mirror, available for download and sync, from West One Music Group</metadescription>

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