Add to a Member Playlist

Adds a track or a whole album to a playlist, depending on which parameter type is supplied. If a track type add is requested then only the track identified will be added to the playlist. If an album type add is requested then all tracks in the album will be added to the playlist. No duplicate tracks will be added to the playlist regardless of the request type.


GET /addtoplaylist/{serviceToken}/{memberAccountID}/{playlistID}/{type}/{ID}

Parameter Type Status
ServiceToken String Mandatory
memberAccountID String Mandatory
playlistID String Mandatory
type String Mandatory
ID String Mandatory


type This parameter cane have the value of either “track” or “album”
ID Depending on the “type” parameter sent in this will be the ID value of either a track or album.

Successful Response




Error Response:




<description>Invalid Token</description>




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