Get Member Playlists

Gets Playlist records associated with the member.


GET /getmemberplaylistsnotracks/{membertoken}?skip={skip}&limit={limit}

Parameter Type Notes
Servicetoken String Mandatory
memberToken String Mandatory. See GetMemberToken
skip Number Optional, default 0.
limit Number Optional, default all records.


Successful Response:

The <tracks> element will only be in the GET /getmemberplaylists/ response.



  <playlist name="Fly Away- Travel" id="000000000000000" description="" createddate="2014-07-01 18:39:18" trackcount="10" hasimage="true" allowdownload="false">


<track tracknumber=”001″ time=”02:50″ lengthseconds=”170″ comment=”Make sure you’re down the front for this fiery Post Punk workout.” composer=”&quot;S. Milton, J. Wygens&quot;” publisher=”HM” name=”Guerilla Pop” id=”000000000000000000” keywords=”" lyrics=”" displaytitle=”Guerilla Pop” genre=”Pop / Rock” tempo=”" instrumentation=”" bpm=”" mixout=”" frequency=”44100″ bitrate=”1411″ lastupdated=”2013-02-11 12:29:18″/>






Error Response:




<description>Invalid Token</description>




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