Featured Playlists With Tracks

Get Featured Playlists

GetFeaturedPlaylist returns all playlists flagged as “featured” including:

  • Playlist elements for active playlists only
  • Track elements for each playlist
  • Album element for each track
  • Library element for each track

Featured playlists will return the track list using the order set in the admin.


GET /getfeaturedplaylists/{serviceToken}

Parameter Type Status
ServiceToken String Mandatory


Successful Response:

<playlist name=”Hell is a Disco” id=”9dcf6adddc5a36f2″>
<track tracknumber=”012″ time=”02:11″ lengthseconds=”131″ comment=”Old Skool Steps N’ Disco” composer=”Knight, Darcus” publisher=”Plan 8 Music Ltd.” name=”Giant Steps” id=”c37e2c7ca09e096e” keywords=”Computer Games, Disco House, Funky, Groovy, Cool, Youth TV, Fashion, Retro, Disco” displaytitle=”Giant Steps” genre=”" tempo=”" instrumentation=”"Brass, Electronic Drums, Strings”" bpm=”" mixout=”" frequency=”0″ bitrate=”1520″ lastupdated=”2013-02-11 12:29:18″>
<album featured=”false” code=”PN8CD 1003″ detail=”Inter Active Sonic Mayem” name=”Gametronix” id=”755f6215e34d0a3c” />
<library detail=”" name=”PLAN 8 MUSIC” id=”19ecbe6bedcfa645″ />


Error Response:

<description>Invalid Token</description>


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