Response Codes


Code  Description
1 Corrupt Input Data
Some or all of the input information provided in incorrect or incomplete. Check for the following:


  • Incorrect ID values
  • Missing information in the Request Body XML
2 Incorrect Input Data
Some or all of the data that has been provided is incorrect.
3 Access Denied
Access to the requested operation has been denied. Check the credentials used and contact Harvest Media to review the account’s access privileges.
4 Internal Operation Error
There was an internal error with the API. Report this to Harvest Media for resolution.
5 Invalid Token
The Service Token provided either does not exist or has expired. Make a new call to GetServiceToken to obtain a new one.
6 Invalid Login Details
The login details provided do not exist or are invalid.
7 Member Does Not Exist
The requested member account does not exist for the identifier provided.


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